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01 Fake
Wednesday Mar 01, 2017
Firehouse 51 responded to a horrific warehouse fire that killed 39 people. This led the Chicago P.D. on a manhunt for the suspect. Now with someone in custody for both arson and multiple murders, it is up to Peter Stone and his team, including lead investigator Antonio Dawson to step in to bring some peace and resolution to so many families and friends of those lost - including one very close to home. When the team comes face to face with a hotshot attorney, they find themselves up against a dicey confession, incriminating evidence, and a questionable motive.
02 Uncertainty Principle
Sunday Mar 05, 2017
Stone and the State's Attorney team investigates the chain of events following the arrest and death of a young man, ultimately seeking charges against Police, Fire Department and Medical personnel, only to have a recalcitrant Grand Jury indict a single individual: Officer Kevin Atwater. Paul Robinette defends Atwater.
03 See Something
Tuesday Mar 07, 2017
When a Muslim grad student is brutally murdered, Stone and the team arrest his friend, another Muslim student, who claims he committed murder to prevent a terrorist attack. The jury must decide whether he's a killer or a hero.
04 Judge Not
Sunday Mar 12, 2017
When a prominent judge is shot and killed while leaving a bar with Valdez, her integrity is called into question and Stone prohibits her from working the case. But the team learns the judge's death is connected to a trial where he handed down a lenient sentence to a college rapist.
05 Friendly Fire
Sunday Mar 19, 2017
When a man is found stabbed to death in his home, Nagel and Antonio discover he was an ex-Navy SEAL who was writing a book that exposed the truth about a top-secret mission. Stone becomes convinced that the SEAL was killed to suppress the real story of what actually happened on the failed mission. But the US Department of Justice steps in and insists that this strong evidence of motive is classified, thereby jeopardizing Stone's case. When Stone defies Jefferies and uses the secret evidence, will it cost him his job?
06 Dead Meat
Sunday Mar 26, 2017
30 miles outside of Chicago, the cancer riddled body of Chicago PD Officer Tim Cody is found dead in a bathtub. An apparent suicide. But when Antonio and Nagel arrive on scene they quickly determine his death was murder. The trail leads to an old nemesis of Stone and he has to make new law to put him away.
07 Double Helix
Sunday Apr 02, 2017
When a pregnant woman is murdered and her unborn baby is taken away, investigators from the state's attorney's office race to find the baby and the killer.
08 Lily's Law
Sunday Apr 09, 2017
09 Drill
Sunday Apr 16, 2017
10 Tycoon
Sunday Apr 23, 2017
11 Episode 11
Sunday Apr 30, 2017
12 Episode 12
Sunday May 07, 2017
13 Episode 13
Sunday May 14, 2017
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Chicago Justice

IMDb 7.9 45 min/episode
The State's Attorney's dedicated team of prosecutors and investigators navigates heated city politics and controversy head-on, while fearlessly pursuing justice. As they take on the city's high-stakes and often media-frenzied cases, they must balance public opinion, power struggles within the system, and their unwavering passion for the law.
Drama, Crime
Joelle Carter, Jon Seda, Philip Winchester, Carl Weathers, Monica Barbaro, Andre Bellos, Daniel Craig Baker, Jatone Smith
Matt Olmstead,Dick Wolf,Michael Brandt
United States
7.1 / 39 times
HD 720p