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I Have A Lover

IMDb 0 60 min/episode

What happens when a marriage grows cold? Do Hae Gang (Kim Hyun Joo) is a successful attorney whose marriage suffers because she puts her career ambitions ahead of her husband, Choi Jin Eon (Ji Jin Hee). As the two drift apart, Jin Eon has an affair with Kang Seol Ri (Park Han Byul), a grad student who reminds him of how his wife used to be earlier in their relationship before she became so consumed with getting ahead professionally. Hae Gang and Jin Eon divorce after his extramarital affair, and Jin Eon marries Seol Ri. Then Hae Gang gets into a car accident and loses her memory and ends up assuming the identity of her unknown twin sister, Dokgo Yong Gi, due to a mix-up in IDs. Baek Seok (Lee Kyu Han) is Yong Gi’s first love who still has feelings for her, but what happens when the new Yong Gi unknowingly falls in love with her ex-husband? “I Have a Lover” is a 2015 South Korean drama series directed by Choi Mun Seok.

Ji Jin Hee, Kim Hyun Joo, Park Han Byul
Choi Mun-Seok
5.7 / 29 times
HD 720p