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Paradise Now

IMDb 7.5 90 min
In Nablas on the West Bank, Said and Khaled, who have volunteered to be suicide bombers, receive word it will be tomorrow - the cell's first operation in two years. They're shaven and shorn, in black suits to pose as settlers in Tel Aviv for a wedding. Something goes wrong at the crossing, they're separated, and the action is postponed, long enough for renewed questioning of what they're about to do. Suha, the well-educated and well-traveled daughter of a martyr, challenges the action. She likes Said and has her own ideas. "Under the occupation, we're already dead," is Khaled's analysis. Fate and God's will seem to drive Said. We must be moral, argues Suha. Can minds change?
Drama, Thriller, Crime, War
Lubna Azabal, Ali Suliman, Hamza Abu Aiaash, Kais Nashif, Lutuf Nouasser, Mohammad Bustami, Ahmad Fares, Waleed On Allah
Hany Abu-Assad
France, International, Netherlands, West Germany, Israel
7.6 / 11 times