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IMDb 6.2 94 min
A small time criminal, Ron, has killed the boss of his girlfriend and they are escaping from the police. After killing a gas station attendant, Ron drives to an old manor in the middle of nowhere where Andrew, an agoraphobic, lives, in order to exchange their car. When he notes that Andrew is a wealthy man, Ron decides to get money from Andrew to travel to Thailand. Andrew notices that Dale resembles his fiancée, Gabrielle, who left him six months ago. He proposes that Dale dye her hair and go to the bank with two cheques of $20,000.00 pretending that she is Gabrielle. But things do not go according to plan.
Drama, Thriller
Travis Fimmel, Teresa Palmer, Keith Robinson, Stephen Moyer, Phillip Holder, Margie McCrae, Peter Davies, Taylor Owyns
David Denneen
9.3 / 3 times
HD 720p
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